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Cindy150I’m adjusting my priorities, learning new skills, teaching others, and making almost everything homemade.

Hi, my name is Cindy.

I live simply. I am an everyday person, I live in a small town, and I’ve figured out how to make do.

According to Webster’s, “simple” has many definitions. But not one of them defines “simple” as easy.

1. free from guile : innocent
2. free from vanity : modest, free from ostentation or display {a simple outfit}
3. of humble origin or modest position {a simple farmer}
4. sheer, unmixed {simple honesty}
5. free from elaboration or figuration {simple harmony}
6. not limited or restricted : unconditional {a simple obligation}
7. readily understood or performed {simple directions} {the adjustment was simple to make}

There was also another — “lacking in knowledge or expertise {a simple amateur of the arts}, (1) : stupid (2) : mentally retarded, not socially or culturally sophisticated : naive; also : credulous”. To live simply, one is definitely not lacking in knowledge. I believe our grandmothers and grandfathers (and those before) were much smarter than we are today. They knew how to “make do”, using everything around them until there was no more use.

My career has always been as an office manager/bookkeeper. After being laid off from the corporate world in the auto industry in 2008 came the recession. Without getting into the politics, I knew I had to find ways to live my life more simply…and still be happy with it.

I am learning more skills, more about the earth, more about me as an individual.  I love the simple life.

The discovery of myself has led to many more interests, hobbies and things in every day living.  Mostly it has led me back to doing things with what you have and doing it how many would consider old-fashioned–cooking from scratch, growing and preserving my own food, creating useful unique decor from what many would consider “junk”, enjoying family on a much more intense level, using everyday life as a canvas in my photography hobby, and using the already love of creating from wood. 

This site was created to share how life can be fulfilling by being frugal. Join me as I find ways In the Backyard, Around the House, In the Kitchen, and In Life to make things more affordable and healthier…

Our Life Simplified