In the Garden

A large garden, a little plot in the backyard, a few containers on a porch or balcony, a square foot gardening system–grow as much of your own fruits and vegetables that your space will allow. You know where it came from, what it was fertilized with, and how it was picked.

IMG_7174Asparagus Fields

May 29, 2013

Much of the asparagus found in your grocery stores comes from right here in West Michigan…from the asparagus fields. There are about 10,000 acres of asparagus harvested in this area each year. Each acre yields between 1,700 and 3,000 pounds of asparagus, depending on the variety. This county ranks #1 in the State of MichiganContinue Reading →

IMG_2639Garden Prepping Comes Early this Year

March 20, 2012

While we’re loving the early spring (or would that be the early leaving of winter?), garden prepping comes just as early. I enjoyed my adventure along Lake Michigan Sunday with all of the spring changes, so I guess it was no surprise to look out to the backyard yesterday and see the bushes leafing out.Continue Reading →

ChivesHerb Bed Cleaned Up!

May 1, 2011

It’s the 1st of May and I hope it’s not going to snow again this season! This was my Herb Garden before I gave it it’s final haircut, let nature take care of it’s winter covering and let it go to sleep for the winter last fall. We live on the last road on theContinue Reading →

DSC00148Ground Cherry Seeds

April 30, 2011

Ground cherry seeds traveled all the way from Lufkin Tx to Hart MI. From the Chickens in the Road Seed Sharing Forum, I was gifted with 20 Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry seeds from Nana Sandi. This is a Polish heirloom tomato, not a cherry at all, with a pineapple and vanilla flavor. Cited from PlanetContinue Reading →

DSC05698Hanging Hot Peppers

August 13, 2010

Three summers ago, I had this brilliant idea of hanging tomato plants. In something pretty, not those white 5 gallon buckets. So I invested in 8 of these prettier hanging pots. They did . not . work for hanging tomatoes. The first year, I let them dry out too much. Some days, they needed wateringContinue Reading →