IMG_2639Garden Prepping Comes Early this Year

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While we’re loving the early spring (or would that be the early leaving of winter?), garden prepping comes just as early.

I enjoyed my adventure along Lake Michigan Sunday with all of the spring changes, so I guess it was no surprise to look out to the backyard yesterday and see the bushes leafing out.

Or the big maple tree in front starting to bud.

Today, I’m outside enjoying the nice temperatures (supposed to be 79 here today!) and sunshine, eradicating the weeds that have popped up all of a sudden and cleaning out the garden beds.

And transplanting the hollyhocks that have seeded (wonderfully I might add!) into a planter that is for grape tomato plants.

This is work I usually do in May…then plant the garden towards the end of May. It’s happening two months early this year!

Tomorrow the backyard will be lovely…and weed free. Then it’ll be onto the front yard.

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