GOLF SHOES Indeed, golf is no longer purely a man’s game as many ladies are dominating the greens nowadays, which is why women also have to consider having a great pair of golf shoes for a winning game. However, some ladies view all golf shoes as the same, which is something that must be corrected anyway.

There are lots of ladies golf shoes available in malls, sports stores, and even online shops. However, the question remains: Do high-end golfer shoes for ladies really make a difference in the overall game performance? Find out the answers below:

If a woman is really concerned about her performance in the golf course, then one of her first considerations really is to look for a pair of golfer shoes that spells both comfort and support. Just like men’s shoes, ladies’ shoes intended for golf use also have spikes. You have the option to either have your shoes with soft spikes or metal spikes. However, be wary of the fact that some golf clubs have banned the use of shoes with metal spikes as it damages the greens, the golf cart, and the walkways, so better check it with your club first before you bring your golfer shoes with metal spikes. These shoe spikes, which are found on the soles of your shoes, are created to grip your underfoot surface with the golf course as well as prevent slippage during your swing.

Unlike your ordinary sports sneakers, your golfer shoes must be heavier and less flexible. However, you should go for a size that is roomy enough to allow you to flex your toes inside. The name of the game really depends on your shoes’ stability and comfort.

Now, what’s being high-end and pricey got to do with your shoes?

Okay, admit it, branded and expensive golfer shoes often last longer than cheaper ones, not to mention that some of these even go with added features. In fact, some of the pricey golfer shoes for the ladies come with replaceable spikes. These are very convenient because you can simply replace a broken one by unscrewing it and then screwing the spare spike.

Nike and Ecco brands are among the most preferred high-end golf shoes for ladies –

If you are after the chic design and maximum comfort of golfer shoes then it is recommended that you go search for these two brands. A typical high-end ladies golfer shoes costs around $200 going up. So, if you have the budget, why not go for these brands that not only assure you of high-quality and comfort, but will also spice up your game?

If you are after the more costly brand, then going for Ecco golfer shoes is recommended –

GOLF-SHOESThey offer every lady golfer a wide array of shoes to choose from like no other brand offers. You can have your golfer shoes in black, white, or among the variety of colors they have that will definitely capture every lady golfer’s attention once worn on the greens. Ecco shoes really are both cute and comfortable, making it the choice of fashionable lady golfers. The brand even goes beyond providing slick design. Their golfer shoes have a beneficial arch supporting your feet and providing maximum balance on the field. You can find the most affordable pair of Ecco golfer shoes at $125, making it a top rank among other golfer shoe brands considering the design and notability.

These shoe brands offer you not just looking good on the field, but having a great game as well. The great thing is you can score high-end ladies’ golf shoes through clearance sales in various stores online.


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