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Sunday was an experimental day here for me. I spent the day gathering soap molds from around the house – mainly the kitchen. I wanted some square, some round, some that everyone would have around the house. I work with Hot Process in the Crockpot, so not everything will work as a mold as easily as with Cold Process. When the soap is ready to be “poured” (“glunked in” is the actual wording I would use here), the soap is a thick mass of hot waxy mashed potato-ey gunk, that when hardened is like glue.

I wanted to try cardboard – cardboard with no lining. Would it tear away from the hardened soap without leaving cardboard pieces behind?

This is just a very thin cardboard box from my pantry. Other boxes out of the pantry might be a cereal box with one side cut out and the opened end taped shut (so it looks like a cake pan).

I wanted to try plastic – something that would mimic pvc pipe – lined with freezer paper. Would the soap ooze out the bottom? Would I be able to lift it off easily without cutting soap away?

I don’t have pvc pipe big enough round-wise for a soap mold and I didn’t want to buy any. This is a plastic liquid measurer out of the cupboard.

I also wanted to try thin plastic lined with freezer paper. Would it melt with the high heat?

This is a normal water bottle (thinner than soda bottles) with the top and bottom cut off.

I also wanted to try some boxes lined with freezer paper. Would I be able to just lift the soap out and save the box for the next time?

I also wanted to find some different things that are round. Can I just cut the bottom off?

Here’s a 1 pound coffee can with the bottom cut off. I did find that not all cans are created equal. I was thinking a soup can would work. But aha! the bottom has a rounded edge and I couldn’t get a can opener on it. So check the bottoms before choosing!

After choosing the molds, I just had to line the ones that I couldn’t or didn’t want to tear apart. Use freezer paper! Waxed paper or parchment paper won’t work as easily!

For the round ones, measure the diameter and cut the freezer paper with a little overlapping.

Use plain old scotch tape and tape down the side. I taped the entire length – I had images of soap gooing through the seam, you know, sorta thinkin’ ahead!

Just put the paper inside the mold! I also used a scrap of paper to sit underneath the mold.

For the boxes to be saved, simply measure the length and width. The width would be down one side, across the bottom and up the other side. Just use little pieces for the ends. Put these in first then the crosswise piece.

Now make soap! I’ll share the recipes for the two different recipes I experimented with tomorrow.

And pour the soap into the newly created molds! Praying the whole time that you’ll be able to get it out and it’s not going to melt the containers or ooze out the bottom!

The thin cardboard box held 1# of soap and didn’t bulge out the sides!

The water bottle held 1# of soap and didn’t melt! A little did ooze out the bottom when I thumped the cutting board on the counter for the soap to settle, but not much at all. The freezer paper at the top even supported the soap!

The saran wrap box would actually hold 2# of soap! This was another part of my experiment – knowing how much something would hold when I do smaller batches.

The measure cup I used didn’t quite fit 1# of soap, so using the cardboard idea, I used a toilet paper tube! After filling that, there was still a little bit left. By this time, the little bit of soap was cool to the touch so I patted down like a biscuit and cut with a biscuit cutter! I don’t recommend doing this with an entire batch, but you can get a few at the tale end of a batch!

All of the soap molds I used – filled and waiting to harden.

Everything unmolded beautifully! I was so happy!

And after cutting at a 1 inch thickness, I have lots of soap out of two 2# recipes!

Be creative – think outside the box! Be frugal – save your money for oils and fragrance!

5 thoughts on “Homemade Soap Mold Experimenting

  1. Karen

    Great idea using “stuff” for molds. Would never have thought the cardboard box routine would work so well!!! Thanks for the spark of creativity!

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  3. Sharon Thompson

    I’ve truly enjoyed reading about your soap making adventures, thanks for inviting me into your workshop and home. I also am venturing into the soap making process, and I’m hooked…I love it.

  4. Jan Hunnicutt

    Great article and great ideas for things around the house that can be used as soap molds!

    One of my favorite things for round soaps are Pringles potato chip cans, the finished soap is just the right size to package in a 4 oz round tin. Also quart sized milk or half and half cartons. I usually grease these with lard, crisco or coconut oil before glopping my soap in. the next day I tear off the “mold” and have beautiful soaps.


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