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I have a recipe to share with you!

I’ve been experimenting with different base recipes by superfatting. Superfatting (sometimes referred to as a lye discount) is either adding an extra amount of oil into your soap recipe but keeping the lye amount the same, or using the same amount of oil and less lye. It basically leaves a more moisturizing bar of soap.

Most lye calculators will do this for you — I use SoapCalc. The following screen prints come from SoapCalc to show the difference of changing up the Super Fat % in Step #4 of the calculator. The only difference in the recipe is the lye amount — the weight of oils continue to be the same.

5% Super Fat Recipe — 125.233 g of lye

7% Super Fat Recipe — 122.597 g of lye

Another way to superfat your soap is to add an extra amount of oil (usually one of the nicer oils) before putting into the mold. This is done by taking 1 – 2% of your total oil weight and adding it. Today, I added an extra 1% (32 oz X .01) or .3 oz of Sunflower Oil before I added my scents. So now, I have a total of 8% Super Fatted All Vegetable Recipe!

I have come up with an even better feeling soap than I had before (which I was in love with!)

With any base recipe, you can add a different scent, a different additive to have a whole new soap! Experiment!

Here's the full recipe and printable!

All Veg 7 SF001

All Vegetable | 2# 7% Superfat

Hot Process Bar
Trace Time:
Cook Time:


  • Water – 12.16 oz (344.73 g)
  • Lye – 4.324 oz (122.597 g)
  • Coconut Oil – 6.4 oz (181.437 g)
  • Crisco, new w/palm – 12.8 oz (362.874 g)
  • Olive Oil Pomace – 12.8 oz (362.874 g)

Additives (optional)

For an extra 1% Super Fat (total oils X .01):
  • .32 oz Sunflower Oil

Variations (optional)

  1. For a harder bar, add 1 1/2 tsp salt to water before adding lye
  2. For a bubblier bar, add 3 tsp sugar to water before adding lye

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8 thoughts on “All Vegetable HP Soap Recipe

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  2. Pete

    It may be the phase of the moon or the ozone level, but what I get when I click the link it is a recipe (and it looks like a dandy one at that!) for 100% olive oil soap…

      1. Pete

        Oh, GOODY! Thanks so much for sharing.

        Oh, and our Sam’s does not have the olive oil pomade, so I need to either find another source for it or bite the bullet and use the good stuff. Since what soap we make will only be for home use, it won’t be too terribly expensive I suppose…

  3. aynie

    Thank you for posting your recipe. I was wondering, can you add both adjustments for bubblier and harder soap (sugar and salt) to the water for the lye? I want a hard bar that bubbles a lot! Also, this is my first time making soap with lye (have only done M&P) And I dont really understand how to read the lye calculators, so thank you for posting the complete recipe on here! I cant wait to try this!


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