Liquid Soap PasteExperimenting with Pearlizer

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After making pans and pans and pans of lasagna for the Party, Suzanne and I had a little bit of play time last night.

She had soap paste in the fridge! (How exciting, right?!)

I’ve never kept any paste to experiment with later, it was all new to me. And it’s the easiest way to experiment with liquid soap, having it already made. If you want to save paste for later–take it out of the crock pot when it’s done cooking, put it in a bag, label it, and stick it in the fridge.

This is her Moisturizing Hand Soap with Jojoba recipe.

With some pearlizer from Brambleberry in her stash, we wanted to make a shimmery pearly soap.

It says to add it at 1%-5% at the time you’d normally add fragrance of colors. So, after the dilution and the neutralization.

The bubbles are shimmery.

When the soap is all mixed up, it is nice and shimmery, but the pearlizer settled to the top after setting out overnight. I need to research using pearlizer in liquid soap.

The play-time experiment failed a little bit. But, we had a break from Retreat and Party prep!

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