In the Kitchen

Make it from scratch! I’m an ingredient reader. Take out anything you can’t pronounce and you are left with a homemade recipe waiting to be made. Preserving (canning, dehydrating, freezing) makes a great “fast food” night–and it’s homemade and nutritional.

IMG_5633Pear Sauce, Just as Easy as Apple Sauce!

September 10, 2013

Making pear sauce is just as easy as making apple sauce! Just use pears! Pear sauce is also the first step towards making and canning pear butters, which I have found I really, really like. There’s a unique flavor in there that my taste buds just really love. While I like canned pears just fine,Continue Reading →

Homemade BreadBread Machine White Bread, Easy

May 1, 2013

Remember when a bread machine was all the rage? Everyone bought one, made a few loaves of bread, then they got stashed in the cupboard or were given away or sold. I bought one, too. The recipes in the booklet had more ingredients than I had on hand and never seemed to buy. Then, theyContinue Reading →

Victorio Steam Canner can be used as BWB or Steam CannerHome Canning Instructions & Links

September 23, 2012

Home canning has made a come-back in the last couple years–with a vengeance. It’s only evidenced by the supply and demand for jars and the price of them–the prices have increased steadily in the last few years. Why are so many people taking up home canning? It’s healthier–you control the ingredients and lack of preservatives.Continue Reading →

Roasted Homemade Pumpkin PureeRoasted Homemade Pumpkin Puree

September 22, 2012

Happy Fall! I celebrated the first day of fall roasting pumpkin in the oven (and taking the chill out of the air) to make homemade pumpkin puree. I know, everywhere, and I mean everywhere, says you must use a sugar (or pie) pumpkin to make homemade pumpkin puree for pies. The reasoning I’ve seen–jack-o-lanterns areContinue Reading →

Freezing Cake BatterFreezing Cake Batter

April 5, 2012

Because of the easiness of it all, I really like to keep homemade cake mixes on hand. But not all of our favorite from-scratch cakes can be had out of a mix. But that favorite from-scratch cake batter can be frozen! It’s just like freezing cookie dough to be baked later for the ease ofContinue Reading →