IMG_2764A Walk Through the Woods

April 5, 2012

Alex is on spring break this week, so we were able to spend a little more time together. Armed with walking sticks and a gorgeous day, we took a walk through the woods in the Pentwater Plains. It’s amazing to see things through the eyes of a six-year old. It puts a whole new perspectiveContinue Reading →

IMG_2162Starring Colten and Trinity

January 11, 2012

Colten (2 1/2) and Trinity (3 months) came to visit me the other day. While watching Woody Woodpecker (I found it on Hulu!) and snuggling up on the couch, we had a little photo shoot. This is my absolute favorite picture of Colten. He’s such a grown up little man. You see, he’s a mechanic.Continue Reading →

DSC00769Born Carpenters

July 10, 2011

Or rather, I’ve found a way to keep 3 grandbabies busy for half an hour. How to Keep the Grandbabies Entertained: Supplies needed: 1. 3 hammers 2. 3 nails 3. 3 scrap boards 4. 3 grandbabies Directions: Pound 1 nail into 1 board slightly, just to get it started. The older ones may need moreContinue Reading →

DSC08776A Family Weekend of Celebrating

December 28, 2010

Family together at the holidays–I feel so thankful for every one of them. This year we were able to go out of town for Christmas to be with my brothers, sister, nieces and nephews–the last two years the weather didn’t let us. Our celebrating starts on Christmas Eve on my next older brother’s birthday. Santa’sContinue Reading →

DSC08267Lil’ Woodsman

November 3, 2010

Doesn’t he just look like a baby that should be in the woods chopping down trees?