What a Motivational Speaker Must Have

What a Motivational Speaker Must Have

Many are saying that anyone may claim to be a motivational speaker. Well, we completely agree with that. That’s why we believe that everyone who’s currently looking for a reliable speaker should know how to distinguish one that’s only trying to motivate from one that’s naturally gifted (or sufficiently skilled). To help you out in your search, we’ve compiled a list of qualities that any top-ranked inspirational speaker should have.

Eager to Know the Details –

A good speaker never hesitates to get enough information about the speaking engagement, even before he considers accepting the invitation. Why’s that? He knows that there’s a limit to his familiarity with certain topics, and not knowing enough about the things that need to be tackled during the speech could lead to disaster (and will only waste the time of those in attendance). A reputable motivational speaker will not hesitate to turn down an invite if he knows that he won’t be able to pull off the speech, regardless if he’s given a week to prepare.

Doesn’t Focus on Himself –

motivational speakersIt’s true that these speakers know just how important they are to people and even to companies, but they shouldn’t be too focused on themselves. For example, if you’re asking someone to do a speech in your event, he shouldn’t be talking to you too much about his accomplishments. In the same sense, you shouldn’t hear a lot about his preferences and demands. True speakers, being aware of their role in improving the lives of those around them, don’t pay too much attention to these things. In short, what matters to them most are their ability to please the crowd while leaving a valuable lesson.

Capable of Handling the Unexpected –

If you’re looking for a good motivational speaker, you might want to view a few of his speeches (check his website or YouTube for samples). Why bother doing this? Well, you should check whether he’s capable of reacting properly to unexpected events. If he’s being heckled or booed, what does he do? Does he manage to win back the crowd? If the audience is looking bored, what technique does he apply to win them back? Simply put, everything unexpected could potentially lead to failure, and that’s the reason why he should be more than capable of handling those unpleasant turn of events.

Willing to Create Something New –

There’s another good reason why it’s necessary to watch a few clips of past speeches, and it’s to find out whether the one you’re planning to invite actually makes new speeches for every event. Now, you might be thinking that using exactly the same speech for two different occasions is rather impossible, especially if the speaker cares enough to avoid getting quizzical looks from the crowd. Well, recycling a speech doesn’t have to a word-per-word endeavor. Parts could be swapped and words could be altered. The point is, a credible motivational speaker should always start from scratch (no matter how difficult that might be).

Maintains Eye Contact –

motivational speakersYou’ll immediately be associated maintained eye contact with confidence once you see it in action. After all, keeping his eyes on the audience means that he’s not afraid that certain distracting nuances would be noticed. He’s also his hesitations and pauses a lot more obvious given that he’s maintaining the crowd’s focus on him. With those things in mind, it should become clear why only the very best speakers manage to do this flawlessly; in other words, they’re above the typical nuances, hesitations, and pauses that many newbies in the field seem to have difficulty conquering.

There are just some of the things that set apart the most remarkable speakers from those who still need to brush up their skills. While keeping those in mind during your search for a motivational speaker should keep you in the right direction, don’t think that you’ve learned everything there is to know about identifying the best in the industry. If you’d like to learn more about the things that only skilled and experienced speakers possess, then don’t think twice and do one simple thing – get in touch with us. We’re willing and able to help you out in your search for a speaker who won’t disappoint.


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